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Top Trucking Related Movies

With the Fall weather really setting in this week, you might be looking forward to cozier afternoons and all the shows and movies that are soon to be released. However, don't dismiss some older flicks that are sure to give you a good thrill!

  1. Duel (1971): In the Thriller category, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, this flick follows a businessman being terrorized on the road by a psychotic semi-truck driver. Considered one of the greatest films made for television during it's time, and winning the Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography for Entertainment Programming, this film still stands the test of time earning a 7.6/10 rating on IMDB.

  2. Smokey and the Bandit (1977): A true Comedy classic, starring Bert Reynolds and Sally Field, which follows a duo attempting smuggling who gets mixed up with a runaway bride. Another film standing the test of time, this flick earned a 6.9/10 rating on IMDB. If you enjoyed this one, you can turn it into a marathon with Smokey and the Bandit 2 & 3 and their various spin-offs!

  3. Convoy (1978): Another Comedy classic, based on the 1975 classic country song with the same name, follows a truck driver and his feud with the local sheriff. Highlighting true comradery among truck drivers alike, Convoy is another flick that is standing the test of time with a 6.3/10 rating on IMDB.

  4. Maximum Overdrive (1986): In the Horror-Comedy category, based on Stephen King's short story "Trucks", follows a couple's run-ins with senile, sentient trucks. Receiving mixed reviews, this was Stephen King's first and only attempt in the director's chair. If you enjoyed this one, you can also check out Trucks (1997), which follows a similar plot and is also based on Stephen King's short story.

  5. The Ice Road (2021): Although we've focused on the older classics thus far, this newer Action-Thriller flick is too good not to include. This film, starring Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne, follows big-rig ice road drivers on a trek across Northern Canada to save some miners trapped underground. Sure to get your heart pumping and have you on the edge of your seat, this flick sits steady with a rating of 5.6/10 on IMDB.

Of course this could never be an exhaustive list, but it'll at least get you into the rhythm of trucking themed movies. Think we missed an absolute must see? Be sure to let us know so that we can check it out too!

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