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Changing Road Conditions

Have we done it? Have we saved the daylight with Daylight Savings Time? If you're like us, you're wondering where the daylight went as we drive to and from work in the dark!

With these dark days upon us, and the inclement weather of the season not far behind, we've compiled a few reminders to help keep you safe on the road!

  1. Keep a Safe Distance: We all know that ICBC recommends a two-second following distance, but how many people actually follow that? Did you know that this recommendation is for good weather and road conditions, and that ICBC actually recommends a three-second following distance on the highway? In poor weather conditions, the recommendation is actually four seconds.

  2. Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections: We get it... It's dark and raining, and you just want to get into your vehicle and get going! But the last thing you want in those conditions is to get pulled over for something avoidable! Remember to regularly check your fluids, your tires, mirrors, windows, and general functionality of your vehicle to avoid any issues.

  3. Check your Lights: In addition to completing your Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections, if your vehicle doesn't have automatic lights, make sure you turn your lights on in rainy and dark conditions! And if you do have automatic lights... Make sure they are turned to auto so they turn on when they're supposed to!

  4. Extra Equipment: 'Tis the season to keep an ice scraper, some gloves, maybe a blanket or two, and anything else you only need in the colder months in your vehicle! Depending on your vehicle, you may also want to consider keeping a shovel, some ice melt, and tire chains accessible. But don't forget all the usual things that are good to have: water, first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher!

  5. Extra Time: Leaving a few minutes earlier than you absolutely have to will not only decrease your stress, but also help you avoid potentially dangerous driving including tailgating, and distracted or erratic driving. When you're not able to fully concentrate on the road, you may be more at risk to potential accidents and scary situations like hydroplaning.

We get it... Easier said than done 100% of the time, right? That's why we've compiled this list for you; so that you can prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Stay safe!

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