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Meet the Team

Terry Overdiek ACI.jpg

Terry Overdiek


Starting out as a courier driver in the early 1980s, Terry worked his way through the ranks, from dispatcher to branch manager of industry leaders and everything in between, until he co-founded ACI in 1990 and took the role of President. Working tirelessly to build ACI into what it is today, Terry now works behind the scenes to ensure that the company continues to run smoothly, when he isn’t driving one of our crane trucks that is. He is the initiator behind a number of technological innovations that ACI has pursued, and works constantly with his team to continuously improve our operations and bring our customers the best service possible.

Ricky Overdiek

Chief Financial Officer

With years of experience and training in Customer Service and a focus in the Accounting and Administration areas of the industry, Ricky joined forces with Terry in 1990, co-founding ACI and taking the role of Chief Financial Officer. Along with these financial duties, Ricky also oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, and works closely with her team to provide the most professional and consistent service possible.

Ricky Overdiek ACI.jpg
Alexandra Overdiek ACI.jpg

Alexandra Luongo

Human Resources Manager

Inducted into the ACI team at a very early age, Alex started in the hot seat of Order Entry Clerk and Customer Service Representative joining the team full-time in 2011. Graduating from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, with a Bachelor of Business Administration specialized in Human Resources, Alex returned to ACI in 2018 as Human Resources Coordinator. Now our trusted Human Resources Manager, Alex maintains our fleet to best service our customers and ensures that our team is well taken care of.


Tanisha Lachowski

Fleet Services

Joining the ACI Team in 2021, Tanisha came to us with 12+ years of customer service experience. Bringing that customer-focused and friendly attitude to ACI, Tanisha works closely with Dispatch to assist them with meeting our customers' needs and ensuring they receive the highest quality of service. As Fleet Services, Tanisha also works closely with Human Resources to ensure that all of our drivers' documents are up to date and in order to keep operations running smoothly.

Achilles Overdiek

Chief Security Officer

Since his adoption into the ACI family in 2013, Achilles provided excellent security services as our Chief Security Officer. Other than tightly guarding each entrance and exit into Head Office, Achilles spent his days supplying his co-workers with comedic relief and play breaks. Accommodating his demanding schedule, Achilles loved sporadic naps throughout the day to ensure his best performance on the job. Sadly, our team said goodbye to Achilles in 2022. Taking his job seriously until the very end, Achilles will forever be in our hearts.

Achilles Overdiek ACI.jpg

Jack Ryan Luongo

IT Specialist

Joining the ACI family at the young age of 3 months in 2019, it became evident very quickly that Jack Ryan had a knack for all things technology based. Wondering where your mouse is or need someone to squeeze into a tight space with a cord? Jack Ryan is always willing to help out when called upon. And when all that hard work is done, he can be found holding the paperwork down while recharging his batteries.

Imrana Atick

Dispatch & Customer Service

Joining the ACI team in 2000, Imrana brought with her many years of experience in the industry. In her previous roles, Imrana had worked mainly as a customer service representative, eagerly taking on every challenge and has now served many years as a dedicated dispatcher. Imrana works hard every day to provide our customers with the best service possible, addressing concerns and liaising with drivers to simply get the job done!

2015-10-13 01.36.34.jpg

Keith Tanaka


Joining the ACI team in 1998, Keith started with very little industry specific experience, but through hard work and diligence he has become a major part of operations. He works with others in this area to ensure we have a fleet comprised of the equipment required to serve our customers’ needs. At days end, Keith is in the dispatch seat for closing. If you are looking for a quote requiring specialized equipment, Keith is your guy, and if you have any questions concerning our equipment capabilities, he will be able to get you the answers you need.

Reyhan Ismail

Sales Representative and Operations Manager

After spending time at Capilano College on a scholarship, Rey traveled to the Netherlands, Fiji, and Australia playing competitive soccer and gaining life experience. When he returned home, Rey began driving for ACI in 2009 where he started learning about the transportation industry. In 2010 Rey moved into the petroleum and HVAC industry where he has spent the last 10 years. In 2020, Rey returned to ACI with a wealth of knowledge and experience in warehousing and shipping. Being an avid golfer and natural athlete, Rey has brought his competitive nature to take on a sales and operations role with our rapidly growing company.

Hey Terry,

My customer made a point of calling our sales guy and me to tell us how amazing you were this morning. By far the best driver he’s ever had. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Jim Briggs, PJ White Hardwoods

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