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5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Trucking

'Is this compost, recycle, or garbage?'

How many times have you asked yourself this very question as you stand in front of the three bins provided for you to dispose of your simple coffee cup? It's almost become too complicated to 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle' these days. You might almost ask yourself if it really matters that much, whether one piece of garbage ends up in the wrong place. Rest assured, your contribution does matter, and we're here to make it quite simple. Here are five simple ways that you can help the environment throughout your regular working day:

  1. Plan Your Routes: Whether you're driving a car or a truck, planning your stops with the most efficient route will not only save you gas and mileage, but also time and impact on the environment. Use your GPS to avoid traffic and unnecessary idling, even if you know where you're going; and make sure to give yourself lots of time in the event that you need to switch to an alternative route!

  2. Reduce Idling Time: In addition to reducing idling time in traffic, make sure you're shutting your engine off when you're loading and unloading; or even running in for a quick stop somewhere. Did you know that over 160 million kilometers worth of fuel would be saved if truck drivers alone reduced their idling time by two minutes per day?

  3. Reuse: Start with a reusable thermos for your morning coffee or tea, and a reusable water bottle for the rest of the day. Try packing lunch from home (check out our Top 10 Health Snacks blog for ideas), and use reusable containers as much as possible. Finally, if you're still using paper copies of anything, try to reuse paper as much as possible - print on the back of the page, use a dedicated page for your scribbles and notes - because we know going paperless isn't always an option... yet!

  4. Dispose Properly: If you just simply can't avoid something that is a one-use item (your coffee from the drive thru on the day you're running late, we get it), just make sure you dispose of it properly. Whether you keep all your garbage in your truck throughout the day and throw it out when you get home, or you find an appropriate receptacle in your travels; make sure it finds the right bin.

  5. Maintenance: Performing regular maintenance on your truck can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emissions it produces, and makes things a little easier on your bank account as well. Did you know that just by keeping your engine air filter clean, you can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent? Not only that, but maintenance of this and the above habits can make a bigger impact than you think!

It all seems so simple when you think about it, so why aren't you already doing it? Just a little bit of extra effort can go a long way. Let us know if we missed any ideas for operating as eco-friendly as possible!

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