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Mobile Crane Rental

Crane Rental and Service Vancouver

ACI is experienced in providing crane services throughout Greater Vancouver.

Types of Crane Services

Mobile crane trucks not only takes care of your delivery, but also ensures the safe placement of the shipment on sites including but not limited to:

Generators and HVAC Units

Placement of generators and HVAC units requires absolute precision to ensure that the proper rigging equipment is used and the unit is moved safely. A trained crane operator will not only get the right placement, but can also hold the unit in place during installation if necessary.


Whether it’s using a winch to drop equipment over the side of a bridge, or lifting equipment to various floors of a building, a fully equipped mobile crane truck can help.


Mobile crane trucks are used for roofing commercial and residential buildings. Choose a crane with the appropriate capacity and reach (some up to 115’) to safely place roofing materials exactly where it needs to be.

Hot Tubs

So you need to get a hot tub into the backyard. Whether there’s room around the sides of the house, or you have to go over the top of the house, you’re going to need a highly skilled operator with a crane capable of the job. The right combination will have you relaxing in your perfectly installed hot tub in no time, or a very happy customer!


A mobile crane truck can easily transport various sizes of containers to or from a site. Containers include portable offices or storage containers.

Building and Landscape

Door units, framing, piping, insulation, rolls of turf, sand bags, trees, lumber, tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Not sure if a crane can do what you need? Just ask us if our cranes can do what you need.

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