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Expanding Our Fleet

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

The Need

Up until a few months ago, our Unit# 1020 with it’s Hiab 477E8 was more than sufficient to handle any job our wide range of customers could challenge us with. If you’re not familiar with crane lingo, this is the truck that placed a 48’ beam on the roof of Canada Place – that’s 68’ high, and no small feat! After attending a workshop hosted by the BC Trucking Association (BCTA) that discussed the trend towards modular building in the construction industry, we realized that at some point, our current “big rig” wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So we called Falcon Equipment and asked what they could do for us.

The Vision

After many meetings and phone calls, where the wish list seemed never ending, Falcon Equipment began talking with Hiab to import the longest vertical reach Hiab crane for ACI, the Hiab 858E8 HiPro with a six-section Jib 150-6 and a Synchronized Winch with a 10,000lb capacity. The crane can lift 39,000lbs at 12’, and 1,800lbs at a horizontal reach of 115’. Paired with the cleanest, heavy spec pre-emissions truck on the market, available with a 20’ deck, which can easily be removed to accommodate any number of trailer configurations. Also equipped with a Spreader Bar and all the rigging equipment a crane operator could dream of, we’ve been hard pressed to find a job that this crane doesn’t laugh at.

The Truck

In the time that this unit has been on ACI’s fleet, it has visited narrow downtown alleys with power lines to complete rooftop deliveries and sites with very specific placement requirements and large obstacles.

Stay tuned to see what kinds of lifts we have planned for this Unit #1028, and let us know if you have a challenge for us to take on.

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