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Top Truck-Driving Playlists

With Summer quickly coming to a close, you've spent a lot of time on the road this year, and have maybe listened to your favourite playlists a few too many times. If you haven't checked these out already, here are a few of our driving go-to's for no matter what kind of music you're into!

  1. '70's Hard Rock Essentials (Apple Music) Perfect for those head-banging days or days where you just want to crank up the music and tune everything else out.

  2. Feeling Good (Apple Music) A nice upbeat mix of the classics and some newer hits; great for a cheerful sunny day.

  3. Summer BBQ (Spotify) Another great mix of oldies and newbies. Perfect for those days where you just need something in the background with a couple of sporadic moments of singing at the top of your lungs (don't worry, we won't tell anyone)!

  4. Hip-Hop Central (Spotify) Don't worry, we didn't forget about you hip-hoppers. Some of your newer favourites and some of your soon-to-be favourites all in the same place.

  5. Yacht Rock (Spotify) Smooth sailing tunes, for even when the traffic is not so smooth.

Think we missed a critical playlist that you can't drive without? Have a listen to our favourites and then let us know what you think!

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