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The Final Upgrade... For Now

With the final upgrade of what used to be Unit #1028 and is now Unit #2028, ACI's fleet of company cranes is now 100% Palfinger! A huge thank you to our friends at Falcon Equipment for making our dreams come true!!

Our latest addition features a Palfinger PK92002 crane with flying jib, which allows for 108' of hydraulic reach with a fully automated rope winch. This smooth operating crane is mounted on a twin steer tandem Peterbilt. Mainly built to act as a mobile crane, this truck is also designed to be versatile, allowing combinations of 18' deck, 18' deck plus 26' tag trailer, or removing the deck to expose the fifth wheel for any combination of trailers.

Check out what we've gotten into in the few short weeks of having this truck:

Have a job best suited for Unit #2028? Call us now!

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