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Specialized Lifts

The Truck

In May 2019, Alternative Cartage Inc. (ACI) introduced the most capable truck mounted crane to it’s fleet. We’re talking about the longest vertical reach Hiab crane in North America, the Hiab 858E8 HiPro with a six-section Jib 150-6 and a Synchronized Winch with a 10,000lb capacity. The crane that can lift 39,000lbs at 12’, and 1,800lbs at a horizontal reach of 115’.

Since then, this Unit#1028 and its operator have been in high demand and earned the nickname “Groot” due to their ability to adapt to any situation, and simply get the job done.

The Lifts

From building 100’ stair towers, flying shipments through 4’ x 4’windows and landing loads onto the 11th floor of a downtown Vancouver building, to assisting a tower crane move 110’ x 18’ roof sections, this unit has accomplished a lot in the few short months it has been on the road. Check out the photos below to see what we’ve seen:

Landing gear on the 11th floor in Downtown Vancouver.

Building a 100' stair tower at the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Flying pipe through a 4'x 4' window.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a video tells the story better.

Have a challenge for us? Contact us now to see what we can make happen!

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