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From Hiab to Palfinger

There comes a time in every company’s lifespan that despite its reliability and dependability, old equipment needs to be updated. Of course, who better to help with this daunting task than Falcon Equipment? In May 2020, Alternative Cartage Inc. (ACI) traded in two Hiab units for a brand-new Palfinger 40002 EH and a Palfinger 17.001 SLD3.

The Trucks

Known as “The Single Axle”, Unit#488 upgraded to a 2021 Freightliner M2 106 with the Palfinger PK 17.001 SLD. This truck now offers a custom 20’ deck with sliding winches, a winch bar and holder, and a 2’x2’x4’ aluminum toolbox with flip-down doors.

The other upgrade was to “The Tri-Drive”, Unit#1020, which is now a 2019 Western Star 4700 SF with the Palfinger 40002 EH. This truck now offers a 21’deck with fixed winches and winch bar, an engineered bulkhead, two 5” pad racks and pads, aluminum toolboxes with barn doors, and a 5” recessed centre channel with hooks and posts.

The Feedback

Terry Overdiek, President of ACI, chose to introduce one of the new units to some customers before handing it over to its usual operator. After only a few hours, he commented, “I’m quite jealous!” although he’s very fond of his 2007 Western Star with Hiab 858 and Jib 150. Once the transfer took place, there was an abundance of “Nice truck!” comments and smiling faces all around.

Although the switch from Hiab to Palfinger yielded some minor differences for the operators to adjust to, the change has been a good one. With the Palfinger cranes, no lithium grease is required, which makes for much cleaner operations. The cranes also operate with a “Paltronic” crane control system, which ensures quiet and smooth operation, and a simple single-function unfolding feature reduces any risk of potential for damage!

ACI has been so impressed with the function of these cranes, that the third upgrade to a Palfinger unit is already in the works!

Wondering which crane best suits your needs? Contact us now to see what we can make happen!

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