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The Qualifications of a Crane Operator

Updated: May 16, 2019

Crane services can be expensive and unpredictable depending on the parameters of the job. That’s why crane operators require extensive training to operate any type of crane.


What Does a Mobile Crane Operator Do?

A Mobile Crane Operator is generally involved in construction sites where they’re expected to place items on a rooftop, inside a building, or in hard to reach locations. They can also be asked to hold items in place during installation, such as airplane engines or framing for a building.

A Crane Operator’s job starts from when they arrive at the pickup location until the shipment is placed exactly where it needs to be. This includes safely extracting the shipment, loading and transporting the shipment to the delivery site, and unloading and placing the shipment.

Within each step, the Crane Operator must ensure that the shipment is secure when the crane is lifting it and that the site area remains clear of any pedestrians and workers. Any lack of attention to detail in this process could lead to severe damage of the shipment, surroundings, and even workers or bystanders.

Training to Become a Crane Driver

The WorkSafeBC monitored Occupational Health & Safety Regulations require Crane Operators in BC to provide ‘proof of competence’ upon request. The Fulford CraneSafe Certification program is recognized by WorkSafeBC as proof of practical competence.

There are 3 steps to becoming a certified Mobile Crane Operator under this program:

  1. Complete an online exam to obtain a Level B – Provisional Operation (Apprentice & Trainee Crane Operators) certification,

  2. Gain up to 1 year of practical experience, and

  3. Complete a written and practical exam to obtain a Level A – Full Scope Operation certification.

To register for Level B, a company needs to sponsor the applicant and commit to 1 full year of training and hands on experience. Access to a crane is required to complete the Level A practical exam.

Getting a Job as a Crane Operator Employers highly value applicants with a Level A certification. Applicants with Level B certification need to submit a request to transfer the sponsorship to the company for which they are applying to, and may have to endure additional testing during the application process or training upon hiring.

Some companies also have internal certification programs that help employees work towards their certification. Be sure to ask your prospective company what type of training and development programs they have available. ACI is always searching for talented drivers to join our mobile crane operator team. If you’ve got what it takes, contact us now.

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