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5 Reasons Why You Need a Different GPS for Truck Driving

1. It’s Tailored for Truck Routes

Commercial routes vary depending on the size of the vehicle. By taking the size and weight of your truck, a specialized GPS for commercial vehicles calculates which routes you can or cannot take for the safety of everyone on the road.

Knowing the correct route for your vehicle size can help avoid hefty fines, keep everyone on the road safe, and saves time by getting you on the right route the first time.

Commercial Truck GPS
Trucking routes does not have to be this complicated.

2. It Tells You Where the Closest Rest Stops and Gas Stations Are

Rest stops and gas stations are hard to find when you need it. So, why not have a GPS to tell you when the next one is coming up?

A specialized GPS filters rest stops and gas stations by the specific amenities you’re looking for, as well as ensuring the facilities can accommodate your vehicle.

3. It Warns You About Bridge Heights, Weight Limits, Sharp Curves, Steep Grades, and Speed Changes

A commercial truck GPS will warn you when you’re approaching an overpass with height restrictions or a bridge with weight limits applicable to your truck.

Some GPS’ also gives warning of road conditions such as sharp curves, steep grades, speed changes, or speeds specific to commercial vehicles. With this information ahead of time, you can be proactive in preparing for the road ahead, instead of reacting to the change as it approaches, avoiding potential incidents from occurring.

4. It Gives You Real Time Traffic Updates

While some GPS’ update at regular intervals, most GPS specialized for commercial vehicles have real time updates for you to avoid unexpected delays.

When your dispatch calls looking for an ETA, it’s most likely because they have a customer on the phone wondering when their shipment will arrive.

It’s important that they get the most updated information to avoid an upset customer and ensure they’re ready to receive the shipment upon your arrival.

5. It Tells You Where The Weigh Stations Are

Commercial truck GPS’ let you know when you’re on a route with a weight station so that you can be better prepared upon arrival.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) officers absolutely appreciate a driver that has all of their documentation ready upon arrival. It makes the process much easier, not to mention quicker, so you can get back on the road promptly.

The experts at ACI strongly recommend any truck driver to invest in a commercial truck GPS. If you're looking for other truck driver must-have items, check out the ultimate truck driver wish list.

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